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Retired police chief planning Carr/Clarke School reunion

By Eileen M. Daly

Retired Jamestown Police Chief Jim Pemantell is planning a shindig and he's looking for assistants. "We held an eighth grade reunion back in 2002 and it was so successful we wanted to plan something else," Pemantell said.

After making some calls, a fellow classmate suggested a Carr School/Clarke School reunion. "The Carr School was K through 4. It used to be where the Mc- Quade's is now," Pemantell said, "and the Clarke School was fifth through eighth grades and was located where the library is now."

Pemantell was born and raised in Jamestown and would like to reconnect with some of the other old time Jamestowners. "I'm 70 now and I'd like to be able to get us all together before we get too old," he said. Several people have already e-mailed to say they are interested, Pemantell said, but he'd like to get the message out to a lot more people.

"I'd like to hear from people by St. Patrick's Day," he said, "that way we can get a head count and make some definite plans." Pemantell was careful to point out that he doesn't need a firm commitment by that time. He only wants to gather an estimate of the number of people who would be interested in attending.

Once he has some idea how many people are likely to attend, firm plans can begin to be made, he said. Pemantell has already scouted out some possible locations for the big bash. "I looked at a number of places on the island, but thought they might not be big enough," he said. "The PAC holds 180 people, but the number may be higher than that when we include husbands and wives." Pemantell said he also considered the Quonset Officer's Club in North Kingstown, but ultimately decided it would be better to stay on the island. Presently, he is considering renting a big tent and putting it up at the ball field. "Of course, we'll need to get permission from the Town Council and the School Committee," he said, "but I've already spoken with someone at the school and we will be able to use the bathroom facilities at the Melrose School."

Pemantell would like to see the event held on a Saturday afternoon in the summer and is thinking of either July 11 or July 18. "I'd like to hold it from around noon to four or five in the afternoon with a catered lunch and dancing," Pemantell said.

A few people have already offered to help with the planning, Pemantell said, but he would be happy to have more interested people on board. A local sponsor to help defray the costs would also be a great help, he said.

The reunion will be open to anyone who attended either the Carr or the Clarke School along with his or her partner, Pemantell said. He also requested that if anyone knows of someone who attended either of these schools to give them a call and let them know there is a reunion in the works.

Anyone who is interested in attending the reunion, assisting with the planning of the event or sponsoring the event should contact Jim Pemantell by phone at 423-1294 or by e-mail at mandojim@ cox.net for further information.

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