2009-02-05 / About Town

Auditions for community play this weekend

The Jamestown Community Theatre will hold auditions for its upcoming production of Louisa May Alcott's "Little Women," this Sunday, Feb. 8, at the Jamestown Country Club.

For many who might be interested in participating, getting through an audition may seem like a daunting task. JCT would like to make this process as easy and comfortable as possible. Here are a few tips:

• Call to schedule an audition time. This will decrease the amount of time you have to wait and fret! Audition times will be scheduled between 1 and 5 p.m., and usually take about 15 minutes.

• If you have never auditioned before, feel free to call and ask questions. The organizers understand that auditioning can be nerve-wracking and will help you through the process. People of all backgrounds and levels of experience over the age of 8 are welcome.

• Adult actors are asked to prepare a brief two-minute monologue Children may choose to recite or read a favorite short story or poem. A monologue is simply one person speaking or relating a story for an extended period of time. Actors are welcome to use a script at auditions if need be. If you're not familiar with any theatrical pieces, you can choose to tell a story from your own life. Some actors may also be asked to read from scenes provided at the audition. This is to get a better sense of you as a particular character in the show. You will be given a few minutes to look over anything provided before you read it aloud.

• If the idea of performing in front of others is just not appealing to you volunteer. Help is needed in all areas of production, such as costuming, set design, house and stage management.

Rehearsals for "Little Women "will generally be held Sunday afternoons and Tuesday evenings, and performances are May 15 through 17.

Note that more frequent rehearsals will be scheduled closer to the production dates and rehearsals will not be scheduled during school vacations.

To schedule an audition time, volunteer, or ask questions, call director Lisa Kerr at 423-1283.

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