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Volunteer positions available in the South County area

Serving Communities, Helping Others, Opportunities for All is a clearinghouse for volunteer opportunities. Adults 18 and older are always welcome and a few positions are available for teens, ages 13 to 17, at the SHO office.

• The Rhode Island Advisory Commission on Historical Cemeteries offers many new opportunities. Cross reference records and deeds, document cemetery stones, take GPS readings at cemeteries, write news articles and newsletters, and input computer data. Training will be provided.

• Earn a stipend as a senior companion, visiting homebound seniors in Washington County and Jamestown. Volunteers must be 60 years old, meet financial guidelines, and enjoy working with the elderly. Work up to 20 hours per week, with vacation and sick time and paid holidays.

• Help elderly neighbors keep their medical appointments. Drivers are urgently needed in the Jamestown area, Monday through Friday.

• Enjoy the special sense of fulfi llment that comes from working with children. LINKS, the North Kingstown School volunteers, offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities. Sample options include: academic tutors, classroom assistants, career center planners, computer lab workers, library/media center helpers, and parent/teacher resource center assistants. Commitments range from one day through one term to the full school year. Training will be provided.

• Become a class leader and share your passion for art, stamps, history, astronomy or French with South Kingstown seniors. Classes will meet on a weekday at The Center in Wakefield.

• Help abused children as a CASA Special Advocate. Volunteers, who must be at least 21 years old and U. S. citizens, gather facts, interview parties, submit reports to the court, appear at hearings and monitor court orders. Training and a 12-month minimum commitment are required.

• Animal lovers, the Animal Rescue League in South Kingstown seeks fundraisers and a pet walker coordinator for its once-a-month dog walks at local parks, farms, and villages. The volunteer coordinator will interact with pet owners and teach the dogs to socialize, eventually taking over the monthly event. In December, two fundraisers will make calls from home or a shelterdesignated site to raise money for the shelter.

• Cane Child Development Center in Wakefield needs volunteers to help serve lunch, input data into the computer, create a website, interact with toddlers or assist in the classroom with 4-year olds. Energy and patience are required.

Call 789-2362 or e-mail mail@ southernrivol.org, for more information. The SHO web site is www. southernrivol.org.

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