2009-02-05 / News

Island swimmers score big in recent YMCA meet

The Newport Whaoos tied the Smithfield swim team 329-329 at the team's Jan. 31 meet.

Results for Jamestown swimmers are listed below.

8 and under girls

2nd place 100 Medley Relay, Charlie Simmons, Julia Stone, Madison Tregenza and Francesca Clark; 3rd place 100 Medley Relay, Katie Brayman, Ani Avayzian Hancock, Simone Johnson and Mary Sweeny; 1st place 25 Fly, Madison Tregenza; 1st place 50 Free, Madison Tregenza; 2nd place 100 Free Relay, Ani Avayzian Hancock, Grace McBride, Avery Homer and Julia Stone; 3rd place 100 Free Relay, Simone Johnson, Mary Sweeny, Mackenzie Bowman and Katie Brayman; 2nd place 25 Back, Charlie Simmons.

8 and under boys

1st place 100 Medley Relay, Theo Simmons, Andrew Bauer, Jake Steen, and Gavin Wagner; 2nd place 100 Medley Relay, Mighty Quinn Keene-Cannole, Ryan King, Gunnar Rinkel, and Jack Westall; 1st place 100 IM - Derek Allen; 2nd place 100 IM, Caleb Wagner; 1st place 25 Free, Theo Simmons; 2nd place 25 Free, Gavin Wagner; 3rd place 25 Free, Jack Westall; 1st place 50 Free, Gavin Wagner; 1st place 100 Free Relay, Caleb Wagner, Ryan King, Sam Roughneen and Derek Allen; 3rd place 25 breast, Caleb Wagner; 1st place 25 Back, Andrew Bauer; 1st place 25 Breast, Andrew Bauer.

9-10 girls

1st place 200 Medley Relay, Eliza Kallfelz, Lexi Brayman, Sam Avayzian-Hancock and Bella Back; 2nd place 50 Free, Lexi Brayman; 1st place 50 Fly, Sam Avayzian-Hancock; 1st place 100 Free, Sam Avayzian-Hancock; 1st place 50 Breast, Lexi Brayman.

9-10 boys

1st place 200 Medley Relay, Berk Tural, Noah Simmons, Derek Meteraud and Gregory Gordon; 2nd place 50 Fly, Noah Simmons; 1st place 50 Breast, Noah Simmons.

11-12 girls

2nd place 200 Medley Relay Megan Steen, Annie McQuade, Libby Lamantia and Sophie Johnson; 1st place 200 Free, Libby Lamantia; 3rd place 50 Free, Emily Kallfelz; 1st place 50 Fly, Libby Lamantia, 2nd place 200 Free Relay, Taylor Kirkpatrick, Nellie Tamboe, Kristin Synnott and Emily Kallfelz.

11-12 boys

2nd place 200 Medley Relay, Rex Leonard, Spencer Stone, Ben Rudman and Stephen Tart; 3rd place 50 Fly, Ben Rudman; 3rd place 50 Breast, Ben Rudman.

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