2009-02-05 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

Debra Vierra Murphy and Elizabeth Mancini correctly identified "Love in Bloom" as the theme song of comedian Jack Benny.

And, Garry Moore was the host of "I've Got a Secret" say Elizabeth Mancini, Barbara Morinho and Gaylin Cordes. Joan Mc- Cauley miss-guessed Bill Cullen and John A. Murphy wrote "How about it, my Walrus? Wasn't Garry Moore the host of 'I've Got a Secret?' Or did he host 'What's My Line'? And where does the bespectacled Bill Cullen fit into this picture?"

OK, for all you guys who think these are too easy, here's one from John. Who was the foreman at the plant in which Chester A. Riley worked? Clue: he had a very distant cousin named "Screaming Jay ."


This from Peter C. Pemantell down in Rhode Island's Charlestown. "You should ask your readers how many remember Minnie Young's Grocery/Variety Store at the foot of Narragansett Avenue at the West Ferry where the office for Dutch Harbor Shipyard is. Another little store that is long gone is, and I am not sure of the spelling, Doors Candy Store up around Swinburne Street."


Happy birthday to Austin Bingell who was 1 year old yesterday.

*** A poser from B.J. Whitehouse: "Wake me up. Bid my blood to run. I can't wake up. Before I come undone."


We went to the post office for stamps the other day and noted there is a new stamp out commenerating Edgar Allan Poe's 200th birthday last month. Rightly so. But why not one for our greatest president on his 200th birthday next Thursday?


Kudos to island twins Travis and Tyler Atwood who are tearing up the boards. The 8 year olds won several individual and team awards recently at the "Access Broadway" dance competition in Mystic. Travis was named Mr. Access Broadway for his singing, dancing and acting. He also won the best contemporary solo platinum award and high golds each for an acting solo and voice solo. Tyler received a platinum award for his hip-hop.

The brothers also won best hiphop duet, a platium award for hiphop and lyrical and high gold for jazz dance group, hip-hop "crew" group and salsa small group. The twins dance and compete at Talent Factory Performing Arts Center in North Kingstown.

Great job, guys!


Let's see. Just over an inch of snow. Some sleet and then rain. The schools are shut down. We should expose our kids to some discomforts before they have to face realities later in life.


The full moon Monday is the Snow Moon, Hunger Moon or Wolf Moon.


February is National Pet Dental Health Month. Tomorrow is Bubble Gum Day. The word is if you donate 50 cents to charity, you might get to chew bubble gum at school. But, don't give any to your pet.


Be true!

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