2009-02-26 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

Kudos to seventh grader Sam Hollister who won the Lawn Avenue Spelling Bee and will compete in the state bee on March 14. His winning word was collage. The winner of the state bee goes on to the Nationl Scripps Spelling Bee in Washington DC.


Jim Pemantell reports that the Carr and Clarke Schools reunion will be held beginning at noon on Saturday, July 25. at the Lt. Col. John C. Rembijas Pavillion in Ft. Getty. "So far, I have 75 people who have shown interest and I am sure there are many more out there who do not know about it," he said. Jim urges people to contact classmates that they're still in touch with so he can get a head count for the caterer. He needs to be contacted by St. Patrick's Day either by phone at 40l-423-1294 or e-mail at Mandojim@cox.net. Jim added, "Time to start the diets to get down to 8th-grade weight." The event is open to all who attended the schools and their partners.


The Jamestown Community Chorus is about halfway through its rehearsals for the spring concerts. Director B.J. Whitehouse has the group singing in Latin, French, English and German. Jessica Wilson, the chorus' volunteer French pronunciation coach, said, "I'm quite pleased with everyone's progress in French so far. They are getting a lot of practice in that language. There are three French songs on the program. Tres bien." The concerts will be on May 2 and 3 at the Central Baptist Church.



This from Linda Albaugh: "Pinto's Market was where Bank of America is now. A new store was built where The Chemical Company is now. When Pinto's moved into the new store Santoes Market moved into the old store. Later the store was torn down and the Industrial National Bank was built. Next door to Pinto's new store was Lyon's Market, where Freddies Pizza is now, my husband Jack delivered groceries. He also delivered for Santoes Market."

Thanks, Linda.


Lacey Fernald, 14, wants to know why state DEM enforcement officers drive around in gas-guzzling vehicles?


"Sock it to me" drew responses from several including Bob Clarke who e-mailed: "I'm pretty sure EVERYONE, including guests, on the cast of Rowan and Martins "Laugh In" used that phrase at one time or another. The most prominent, or course, was Richard Nixon. Let's see, everyone included the hosts, Dan Rowan and Dick Martin, Artie Johnson, Ruth Buzzi, Joanne Whorley, Goldie Hawn, Alan the weatherman....that's all that comes to mind at this point.

Gaylin Cordes identified the show and Bob Fleming noted that Judy Carne was on the program.

Ken Lombardo also mentioned Judy Carne and added that she went on to marry and divorce Burt Reynolds.

Kathy Brownell called with the answer and said that a contestant on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" became one by knowing that Richard Nixon was the only president to have had it socked to him on "Laugh In."


Kathy Tiexiera phoned with a poser. She said that the song "A Time to Love" was made popular by The Byrds, but who wrote it?


Some remembrances from Phyllis Anderson in Wilmington, Ohio: "The January 15th issue of the Press made me think of many memories of the island during the 'good old days'. We were a small community where everyone knew everybody else. Of course, everyone knew everyone's business, too.

"They say when one gets old, the days of youth are often thought of. How true! In my day, Westalls was the place to buy penny candy. My first stop when going to the movies was always there to buy an all-day sucker. It was a special treat to be allowed to go to the movies. I was only allowed to go see Shirley Temple, Mickey Rooney and the like - oh, and, of course, Nelson Eddy as my parents were friendly with his father and step mother.

"The high school students don't know what they are missing not having to ride a ferry to school! I was never allowed to wear lipstick so the ladies room was a good place to put it on. Of course, it was the place going home to be sure it didn't show. And, why didn't I choose that place on the way home to take a drag on a cigarette. Before we docked all the kids knew what I had done. I broke my record for getting home, running as fast as I could so I could confess what I had done before the phone started to ring."

More later of Phyllis in "the good old days."


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