2009-02-26 / Editorial

Your voice needed next N.K. school meeting


If you've been keeping up with the local news, you've read that the North Kingstown School Committee has proposed trimming the high school athletic program because of the school's $2.3 million budget deficit.

Students, parents and sports boosters showed up at the N.K. school committee meeting Tuesday evening to protest the proposed reductions in the sports program. There were so many people at the school committee meeting that the N.K. fire marshal ordered the meeting postponed.

So the meeting has been re-scheduled for 10 a.m. this Saturday, Feb. 28, at the Davisville Middle School. It is important that Jamestown be well represented at the meeting. Here's why:

North Kingstown High School is our high school of record. Of the 225 Jamestown students who attend North Kingstown High School, 167 participate in athletics. Jamestown pays North Kingstown about $10,000 per student in tuition.

Sports play an important part in the education of our youth. Through athletics, students learn leadership and team-building — necessary for a solid foundation of social skills that they will require to be successful later in life. Participation in sports is about time management, multi-tasking and maintaining good grades. Sports help keep young minds active. Sports teaches achievement and sportsmanship, win or lose.

These days we are worried that our kids being overweight and, in fact, becoming obese. Trimming the sports program sends the wrong message to our youth. It is vital that we encourage more youths to participate in sports.

Jamestowners should make their voices heard in this debate.

— Jeff McDonough

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