2009-02-26 / Letters to the Editor

No support for island heliports

Heliports in Jamestown? This would be laughable if it weren't so scary.

What kind of person would want to disturb the peace and quiet that most of us cherish about this island?

What's even more disturbing is that we have two members of our Planning Commission who see nothing wrong with driving the neighbors crazy. How did these people get on the planning commission? How dangerous!

I thought the Planning Commission was obligated to follow the comprehensive plan and preserve the way of life we have.

I can't believe that any member of the Town Council would allow this to happen.

Helicopters often patrol the shores of Mackerel Cove. In summertime, the noise is deafening.

Thanks to Don and Katherine Wineberg and others for their strong opposition.

Who are these people to bring such intrusion to Jamestown? It sounds more like a Las Vegas lifestyle. Milton Bickford Jr. 147 Beavertail Road

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