2009-02-26 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks for great detective work

My wife and I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Jamestown police force for their exemplary performance in responding to a burglary incident at my home a few weeks ago.

While my wife and I were on a long road trip to visit family out-of-state, my care-taking neighbor notified me that a breaking and entering, vandalism and burglary had occurred at my home.

Upon discovery of the incident, my neighbor called the Jamestown police who immediately dispatched a police officer to take report and assess the situation. Shortly thereafter, the Jamestown police processed the crime scene for fingerprints. Subsequently, through some superb detective work, the Jamestown police were able to identify, arrest and charge a local area young man with the crime.

Although we were unable to recover the stolen property (an LCD TV and some jewelry), my wife and I are most grateful to the Jamestown police force for their timely response, professionalism, superb detective work and success in the timely apprehension of the perpetrator. Kudos to the Jamestown police force for a job well done! J.G. Shannon Jamestown

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