2009-03-05 / Letters to the Editor

Other ways to cut school budget

When attending the N.K. School Committee meeting on Feb. 24, I was shocked and disappointed about how some of the adults acted. The fact that the school committee members did not have an alternate place to hold the meeting was unfortunate even though they knew that there would be a lot of people attending the meeting. The meeting was about the budget and how they are thinking about cutting from the sports programs at North Kingstown High School.

I thought that a lot of the students acted more mature than a lot of the adults and committee members at the meeting on Tuesday night.

Some members on the school committee didn't really want to hear what the students had to say. I feel that a lot of the students who spoke on Tuesday night did have important things to say, and I thought that the school committee really should have been listening more carefully.

I do understand that there are going to have to be cuts from the school, but I think that there are some other ways that we could be saving money. For example, turning the utilities off in the building and using biofuels could save us thousands and minimize budget cuts. The school committee should look at ways to save money before harmful cuts are made in athletics and academics. Meaghan Farrelly Seaside Drive

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