2009-03-05 / News

Construction continues in the Jamestown Shores

By Sam Bari

Despite the lack of available property suitable for development, applications for variances and special use permits for construction continues in the Jamestown Shores, said Zoning Board Chairman Thomas Ginnerty when addressing the town council.

The Zoning Board of Review approved a Seabay Trust special use permit application at its Feb. 24 meeting for a Shores property on Seaside Drive.

The board members upheld a motion by a 4 to 1 vote to grant Robert E. Knudsen's special use permit application made through Seabay Trust. The application requested approval to construct an attached garage addition and renovate an existing dwelling at 281 Seaside Drive.

The 32,000 square-foot property is located in an R40 zone in a high ground water table and impervious overlay district. Chairman Thomas Ginnerty cast the dissenting vote. The other board members agreed that the application met the criteria required for approval

In other business, the Janice Ryng-Dutton appeal of a decision by the building official, as well as her request for variance application, was continued until the next meeting of the board.

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