2009-03-05 / Upcoming Events

Slavery exhibit coming to Jamestown library

Jamestown Philomenian Library will host one of several satellite exhibits called "Hidden from History: Slavery in Rhode Island from its Inception to Its End," a landmark project depicting slavery in Rhode Island. There will be a lecture and an opening reception of the exhibit at the Jamestown library on Thursday, March 19, at 7 p.m. with the exhibit running through March 22.

Authentic historical documents will trace the beginning of slavery in Rhode Island to its end, and give people a rare glimpse into the politics and pervasiveness of slavery. The artifacts will include the earliest known document in Rhode Island, 1652, to the recognition of the last known slave in the state, 1863. Documents will include runaway slave posters, newspaper advertisements for slave auctions, slave narratives, abolition pamphlets, indenture documents, bills of sale, state laws, and manumission papers.

The main exhibit opened on Feb. 26 at the Providence Public Library and will continue through March 29 during regular library hours.

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