2009-03-19 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

Welcome to the island Abby and Jerry. The two cats came here via The Potter League for Animals. Abby was adopted by Betsy Lee and joins four other cats in the household. She is about 2 years old, is all white with blue eyes and is missing her left rear leg. The cat was a stray and was rescued near the Mt. Hope Bridge during a snow storm. Her leg was so severly injured it had to be amputated. Abby joins two 16-year-olds, Heather and Lily, 10-year-old Pearl who was born deaf and 7-month-old Porter, another Potter League alumnus. who is also all white with blue eyes. Porter and Abby are the best of friends. "Abby's getting along fine, she fits in perfectly. She's a good girl," Betsy said.

Valerie and Chris Perotti adopted Jerry, a 1 1/2-year-old male tabby. He joins other pets Scooter, a 7-year-old yellow Lab and Snowy, a 6-year-old Bichon. The Perotti children, Sophie, 13, Johnny, 11, and Christopher, 4, help provide the love. Valerie said, "Jerry has settled in and seems content with his new home."


No takers on Ken Lombardo's query of what was the officer's name on the cartoon "Top Cat?" His name was Officer Dibble and the series was modeled on The Bowery Boys.


Robert Fleming e-mailed to say how much he enjoys the old time memories especially the Anderson story about the movies in the 1940's. "I can relate to that. In the early '40s I asked a girl to go to the movies after school to see'Bambi'. It rained that day and my mother (I was only in the seventh grade!) brought my rubbers for me to wear so my shoes would not get wet. That was embarrasing enough, but when we got to the movie the whole eighth grade was there, including my brother. Mr. Miller, then principal, had brought the whole eighth grade to see the movie. The girl still lives on the island, happily married."


Have you ever seen so many potholes? You'd think the ones on Narragansett Avenue would at least get some attention.


Fourteen-year-old Lacey Fernald's observation in the Feb. 26 column about the state's DEM enforcement officers that drive around in gas guzzling vehicles drew this response from the enforcement unit's Deputy Chief Kurt Blanchard:

"Many of our daily duties require our officers to tow patrol boats, drive on beach fronts and the back woods of the state. We carry and/or transport fishing gear, wild animals, the occasional bad guy or other types of equipment. We are regularly tasked with the transportation of critical personnel during snow storms or other types of state emergencies. With these duties in mind we have researched and found that the best and most economical vehicles for our mission are a blend of four-wheeled drive pick up trucks and sport utility vehicles. These vehicles provide the appropriate space for personnel, equipment and heavy duty needs of our officers. Our selection of Ethanol fueled vehicles with an Active Fuel Management Option allows for the state to obtain 'Green' credits.

"I hope this response answers Lacey's question and she better understands that the DEM Environmental Police try to be environmentally conscious."

Thanks, Chief!

*** This poser from B.J. Whitehouse: "Build me a castle 40 feet high so I can see her as she walks by."


On a sad note, we report the death last Thursday of Cosmo, Sam Pease's "favorite four-legged walking partner." She descrubed him as an "awesome" dog and estimates they walked over 18,000 miles together over the past 13 years. "No wonder I'm so tired!" Cosmo was born on Jamestown and his sister, Rosie Cabral, still lives here on East Shore Road. Sam said, "His favorite things were going for walks and going to the PAC and hanging out at the kitchen door until someone fed him. Our family will miss him dearly"

R.I.P Cosmo.

*** This from John A. Murphy: In what movie did Kevin Kline have to carry (separately) two hefty teenagers?


Tomorrow is the Vernal Equinox and the crocuses and tulips are arising. Hang in there!


Be true!


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