2009-03-19 / Letters to the Editor

Thankful for Jamestown EMS

I would like to express my appreciation to the Jamestown Emergency Medical Service. The service they provide is beyond commendable. It is the service we all hope to never have to utilize.

My family has had the need to call 911 many times in the last three years. Most recently for my mother and father in January.

To see a familiar face of a volunteer in the time of crisis is very comforting. To see them after the fact around Jamestown with words of concern and kindness is so appreciated.

Please consider donating any amount to the Jamestown EMS. Someday when you have the need to call 911, you will be thankful that they take the time out of their lives at any hour to help you.

I also would like to thank friends for their kind words and cards on the death of my father on Jan. 31. Once again, Jamestown EMS was there to help my dad in his final hours. Liz Brazil Jamestown

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