2009-04-02 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks for privilege of serving community

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Jamestown Education Foundation, and all those who came to "Toast" and roast me this past Saturday evening.

It is truly an honor and privilege to have been selected for the "Toast of the Town."

While I was the person selected to be honored, there are many people who were present that night, and many who were unable to attend, who really made this privilege possible. I thank all of you!

As I said Saturday evening, this is a great community in which to live, a place where, if you choose to become involved, you can make a difference! A community where we can respect one another's opinions, agree to disagree, and still remain friends.

I thank those who have given me the opportunity to serve the community and thank those who have supported my efforts through the years. Living and volunteering in Jamestown has been truly rewarding.

Thank you!

Chris Powell


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