2009-04-02 / Letters to the Editor

Town should try to stay ahead of potholes

I have a few questions that have recently occurred to me regarding potholes on Jamestown.

First off, is there only so much money to be spent on fixing or maintaining our roads, and when it is gone drivers are forced to deal with what there is until more funding comes? How is it decided which roads have priority over others to be fixed - traffic levels, severity of damage, time the road has been waiting for maintience?

It seems to me there is no shortage of road work to be done here in our small town. Would it be possible to catch up on the roads deteriorating in town so that we were ahead of the damage not behind? Roads must be fixed at some point and it is understandable if the money is simply not here to fix everything at once, or is it?

Maybe not everything at once, but shifting some money around to speed up the process could allow the town to be on top. Instead of having a constant list of roads to fix that is increasing with time, the list could be empty and roads that appear to need work would then have priority immediately. Please understand this is certainly not meant to bash the work of any town employee, it is simply a vision (maybe of a perfect world), but more of a less bumpy drive home.

Ben Schmidt


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