2009-04-02 / News

Jamestown Boy Scout troop conquers Breakheart Trail

Jamestown Boy Scout Troop 1 hiked over 11 miles last weekend in Arcadia Park. Jamestown Boy Scout Troop 1 hiked over 11 miles last weekend in Arcadia Park. The Boy Scouts of Troop 1 Jamestown hiked the Breakheart Trail at Arcadia Park in western Rhode Island on March 15 and 16.

They began their trek at Frosty Hollow Pond carrying full packs with all their gear for an overnight campout. On the first day, they covered over seven miles around Breakheart Pond, ascending Penny Hill and then following the Falls River along the ridge to their campsite just above the Stepstone Falls. They worked closely as a team, sharing the load as they hiked. Each of the scouts took a turn with the map, guiding the troop along the trail.

The second day they completed their traverse with a four-mile hike south along the Falls River and back to Frosty Hollow Pond. For many of the scouts this was their first full backpacking hike. They all performed exceedingly well and there was a strong sense of camaraderie and accomplishment at the end of the trail.

During the hike, the scouts worked on several skills, such as packing a pack, map reading, water purification and cooking on compact camp stoves.

The scouts were supervised on the hike by Scout Master Jim Archibald and assistant scout masters, Phil Lee and Willy Maclean.

In late April, Troop 1 is planning a day hike up Mt. Washington in New Hampshire and in May they will spend a weekend camping and biking on Block Island.

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