2009-04-09 / Letters to the Editor

Going green

I am a student at North Kingstown High School and in my current issues class we have been discussing the various ways that our school can make many "green" choices.

We have come up with ideas such as environmentally friendly sugar-cane lunch trays, solar panels to reduce the energy bill and saving energy by turning off unnecessary lights that are currently left on 24/7. These issues are very important and changes can help reduce harm to the environment and save the school a significant amount of money.

My current issues class has also greatly emphasized the importance of using wind energy. Because of the efforts of members of the community and my class, we will now reap the benefi ts of the use and building of an eventual windmill at Hamilton Elementary.

We have also increased our recycling program at NKHS. I feel that more students and citizens should become involved in making a difference because with continued effort and support, we can all improve the school, community, and environment and save money without cutting programs. Emmelia Lutes Jamestown

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