2009-04-16 / News

Zoning Board grant two variances

By Tyler Will

Two residences in Jamestown will soon see a makeover, thanks to approvals from the Board of Zoning Appeal.

The committee approved a zoning variance for Jamestown resident John Lawless Jr. and a restricted variance for Jamestown resident Vaughn Gooding, whose request for an eight-foot fence was reduced to a six-foot fence. The decisions came at the March 24 Zoning Board meeting, which was otherwise uneventful.

Lawless requested to add a second story to his house, which will add what he said is much-needed square footage. "It's really not sufficient to house my family," Lawless told the zoning board. "There's not even a separate area for dining."

The board approved Lawless' request with no restrictions.

Gooding wanted an exterior deck, which would have a 30-foot setback if allowed, and it will have two enclosed areas; one for a hot tub and one for a shower. Gooding said both of the enclosed areas are below the six-foot sight line.

Gooding also requested to have an eight-foot fence installed, which was denied. Zoning Board Chairman Thomas Ginnerty said it would make a "bad precedent." While Gooding said his neighbor had no problem with the fence, the board said there are better ways of preserving privacy.

"I think there's numerous opportunities to plant bushes and shrubs," Ginnerty said.

Zoning Board member Richard Allphin said he cannot ever remember allowing an eight-foot fence.

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