2009-04-23 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

A father and his daughter will make their acting debut in the Jamestown Community Theatre's presentation of "Little Women" next month.

Jay Primiano has been cast as the father, a chaplain in the Army, who returns home. The children have not seen him for a number of years. Jay explained that the character is a concerned, understanding and caring father. As the real life father of two daughters, Jay feels he's well prepared for the role.

"There are a lot of talented actors in the play, I'm constantly amazed. I've learned a lot from them," Jay said.

His daughter, Jessy who is 11 and a fifth grader at the Lawn Avenue School, is part of an ensemble of actors who will portray portions of fables written by Louisa May Alcott. Jessy will play Kate, a spoiled girl in "Tilly"s Christmas." She said she's having a lot of fun.


On the item about Coley Tefft's place on Ferry Wharf, Suzy Fuquea wrote, "I found the answers you received to the question to be very interesting. Coley Tefft was my grandfather. My mother, Jackie, tells stories about the restaurant all the time. The name was the House of Tefft and my grandmother, Bea, ran the establishment. The busiest day at the restaurant, as my mother tells it, was the day the Jamestown Bridge opened in 1940. Things were so crazy that my mother, who was not quite 11, was put to work washing dishes."


And, regarding the sandwich shop, Kathy Tiexiera told us she and Peggy Jones went there regularly because Peggy's mother, Marge, worked there. Kathy said that when she was in college, she worked at Ivy's Restaurant. Where was it, and who owned it?


The island's dog registration is underway and Lilly, a yellow Lab has the #1 tag, Jake, a black/ white Lab mix has #2 and #3 is being worn by Monty, a black/tan Yorkshire terrier. When we spoke to Town Clerk Arlene Petit she reported that just over 400 dogs had been registered out of the 700 or so on the island. April 30 is the deadline, after that date dogs are registered late. "We have always had a great response from Jamestown's dog owners and I expect most will be registered by the end of the month," Arlene said. Our vallhund, Joshua, has number 418.



Kevin Carty took us to task for our questioning whether or not Native Americans had been offended by the Puritans. He wrote, "I hope that you get a chance to see An American Experience, "We shall remain" on PBS. The first episonde deals with the events from 1620 to the end of the King Philips War. The Pilgrims and the Puritans from the Massachusetts Bay Colony did more than offend the native tribes. They attempted to eradicate them. We can't change history but we can at least try to understand it. Thanksgiving is not a celebration to all Americans but then the victors get to write history."

Does that mean that Thanksgiving is a turkey?


Our annual thanks to the Quononoquott Garden Club for the lovely daffodils at the Four Corners and along North Main Road.


No takers on John A. Murphy's question of who was the TV sidekick who hailed from Eastsidalia? The answer is Hopalong Cassidy's buddy Andy Devine who was often heard saying, "I think I winged him, Hoppy."


Here's a poser from J.C. Pease in Jarratt, Va. It hit the #1 spot on the pop charts on March 28, 1981.

"I play along with the charade

That doesn't seem to be a reason to change

You know I feel so dirty when they start talkin' cute

I want to tell her that I love her

But the point is probably mute"

J.C. said that B.J. will probably get it.

*** Who was Amos Burke?


A Snapple Cap moment: A rainbow can only be seen in the morning or late afternoon.


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