2009-04-23 / Letters to the Editor

Clean-up a success

The Jamestown Conservation Commission would like to express its appreciation for all those who made our annual Earth Day Shoreline Cleanup a success this past Saturday. They include Bill Piva and the Town for providing bags and for allowing us to use the Recreation Center as a rallying point, Slice of Heaven for getting us started with coffee and muffins, and everyone who chose to spend Saturday morning cleaning up our island's shoreline.

We also thank Nick Di- Giando of Atlantic Landscaping for bringing his crew and trucks as well as those volunteers who used their personal vehicles for hauling the bagged litter to the dumpster - donated by Island Rubbish.

Thanks to Chuck Gladding who arrived with his backhoe and helped us cram 30 yards of beach litter into a 20-yard container. Finally, we thank the Conanicut Island Land Trust for serving a hardy lunch, Bruce Long for providing Del's Lemonade and the Jamestown Press for getting the word out.

It is our hope that all Jamestown residents and visitors alike will enjoy our public shoreline access areas in the upcoming months and not find trash everywhere they look - at least for a while. Our oceans are the earth's other great treasure; they are also the principal repositories for our trash. More a conveyer belt than bottomless pit, they serve up our waste to the whole marine food chain and make our coastlines into a showcase for all the things we discard that never go away. The message in the bottle: we need to better manage our footprint in this world. In the meantime, let us band together on Earth Day and sometimes in between to gather up the litter that rings our island like a gaudy necklace each year. We are making a difference, one outstretched hand at a time. Patrick Driscoll Jamestown Conservation Commission

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