2009-04-23 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks for generous donation to farm

Fred Bingell, owner of the "House of Pizza," recently donated a beautiful little building to the Jamestown Community Farm. It is a building that Fred built several years ago to allow him to sell food at concerts, beaches and other summer locations; you may remember it at Mackerel Cove.

The novelty of this little building is that it is built on wheels with a trailer hitch. Fred no longer pursues this summer work schedule and so last year he donated the building to the Jamestown Community Farm.

A "chicken tractor" is a chicken coup built on wheels so that the farmer can move the coup around his farm fields. This provides double duty for the chickens, laying eggs and fertilizing fields and in return provides the chickens a change of scenery and a sense of the larger world in which they live and work.

This past winter the Community Farm volunteers converted this beautiful little food concession building to a beautiful chicken tractor. Steve Goslee volunteered his time and incubator and hatched out some chickens. This summer we will not only have fresh farm eggs to distribute, but also a natural process for improving the soil and the sustainability of the farm.

Over the years, the Jamestown business community has been very supportive of the Jamestown Community Farm and Fred Bingell's very generous donation is a grand example of this and much appreciated. Sustainability is also a critical element of our Jamestown business community and our support of our local businesses is an important element of our community's sustainability, where we live and work. Bob Sutton, farm manager Jamestown Community Farm

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