2009-04-23 / Letters to the Editor

Let's explore options for trash pick up

I had called Jamestown Public Works two weeks ago about the messiness of Beacon Avenue. Dana called me back last week and it looks like some work was done on cleaning that area.

Thanks for any and all help. I think that one of Jamestown's most easily corrected issues could be trash and litter control. I have wondered why there are not more signs in Jamestown and laws that are enforced that warn "litter bugs" about penalties. People need to think twice before throwing their garbage on our streets. Perhaps stiff fines could alleviate some of the problem.

The litter comes from pedestrians, motorists, uncovered trucks and construction sites. Look around the Jamestown Bridge area when work is being done there. The litter is ugly and dangerous to animals, children and everyone. The litter includes metal cans, cigarette butts, glass, plastic and everything else that is terrible looking and horrible for our environment.

I know that we have local programs that include public land clean-ups, but it doesn't help when people do not take responsibility for their own garbage. I know that because of budget cuts the whole concept of "Adopt A Highway" has been eliminated and unfortunately government can't be responsible for everything, but something needs to be done.

The problem is that no one is taking charge of this epidemic of garbage everywhere. Let the workrelease convicts from the Department of Corrections bag our garbage. Community service is a good opportunity to get trash cleaned up. School kids can get involved in the project in their own neighborhoods.

Anyway, somebody has to be in charge. Nancy Kolman Ventrone Jamestown

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