2009-05-07 / Editorial

A busy Saturday in Jamestown


There's no lack of fun stuff to do on the island this Saturday, May 9. It will be a tough decision of where to go and when, though, because two great events are occuring at the same time.

History will come alive at the 2009 Battery Day Celebration hosted by the Jamestown Historical Society. Military reenactors fresh from the American Revolution will set up camp at the Conanicut Battery Historic Park. They will spend the morning drilling to prepare for the ceremonies which begin at 1 p.m.

The Jamestown Community Band will liven up the day with patriotic tunes. The Artillery Company of Newport plans to have a big bang with a cannon salute across West Passage.

Battery Day only occurs about every other year, so you won't want to miss this one.

Things will be a bit more peaceful and agrarian at the other end of the island where the annual Sheep Shearing Day takes place at Watson Farm.

Of course the highlight of the day is the sheering of the sheep. Spinners and weavers will be there to show everyone how they turn the wool into yarn.

Kids will be thrilled by the lambs and other young farm critters. The hungry can eat johnny cakes hot off the griddle and then go for a ride on a wagon pulled by a pair of working draft horses.

You can't beat a springtime walk through the Watson Farm's upper pastures and enjoy the distant views of Narragansett Bay's West Passage.

Battery Day and Sheep Shearing will forge ahead, rain or shine. Schedule your time wisely and you'll be able to enjoy both island happenings. What a day!

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