2009-05-07 / Editorial

Join the Friends at the Jamestown library

Happy birthday to the Friends!

The Friends of the Jamestown Library is observing its 40th birthday. The group wants to celebrate the four decades by doubling its membership during the month of May.

Most of the fine programs offered today at the Jamestown Philomenian Library are organized and sponsored by the Friends. The list of activities seems to be just about endless. There's the foreign film series, the sailing lecture series, the gardening talks, the many different holiday decorating workshops, the documentary screenings, the historical programs and lots of special speakers who talk about many different topics.

There are also a variety of musical concerts and the annual library book sale.

Admission is free to all of these programs.

The Friends also offer the museum pass program which provides admission at reduced prices or free to many area museums from Boston to Mystic to New Bedford.

The Friends was orginally established in 1969 with a goal of building a new library. A new library was constructed in 1971. An addition that doubled the library's size was completed in 1993.

Much like your contribution to public television and public radio, your membership in the Friends of Library helps support these fine programs that we have come to expect at the library.

Your help is needed to keep those programs on the calendar is the year ahead.

Make May a great birthday for the Friends. The next time you visit the library ask how you can become a member of the Friends.

— Jeff McDonough

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