2009-05-07 / Letters to the Editor

Chef took lesson beyond classroom

I would like to thank Chef Chris from Sodexo for helping to enrich the eighth grade Spanish students' study of "Healthy Food and Healthy Lifestyles."

What could have been merely a chapter from their text, Realidades Uno, became a task with high interest and passion.

Students created their own entrees in Spanish for the school lunch menu for the week of May 4-8 to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and named them, many in the spirit of Carnegie Delicatessen in New York.

Highlights include El Sándwich Shannah, La Comida de James D., La Quesadilla Molly, La Cara, La Ensalada Sydney, El Jamón Andrew, the Grilled Pizza Rebecca and the Chicken Caesar Wrap Connor.

Who knows, maybe they will be appearing at the East Ferry Deli sometime soon! Michaela Onosko Spanish teacher at the Jamestown School

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