2009-05-21 / About Town

Lecture focuses on ballistic missiles

The Naval War College Foundation is sponsoring the third lecture in its Stansfield Turner Excellence Through Deeper Understanding lecture series on Wednesday, May 27, at 6 p.m. The lecture will spotlight "Changing the game in the Western Pacific: How a Chinese anti-ship ballistic missile complicates the defense of Taiwan (and what makes the Chinese want it)."

Today, China may be closer than ever to preventing U.S. carrier strike groups from intervening in a cross-strait crisis with land-based anti-ship ballistic missiles. The mere perception that China might have mastered such a capability could have profound consequences for deterrence, military operations, arms control, and the balance of power in the Western Pacific.

Professor Andrew Erickson will present remarks based on his forthcoming article in "Proceedings," entitled "On the Verge of a Game Changer? China Debates the Anti- Ship Ballistic Missile." LCDR Paul Wilt, a Naval War College student, will present remarks entitled "Why Change the Game? Reflections on Chinese Threat Perceptions."

These lectures are open to the public and are held in Pringle Auditorium at the Naval War College in Newport. Reservations are required by Tuesday, May 26. Call 848.8308 to reserve a seat.

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