2009-05-21 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks for all the hard work

As I write this letter, I still am in awe of the effort, time, and quality of performance that I observed at the Jamestown Recreation Center this past weekend. Each actor enabled me to believe that the Allcott character he or she portrayed was indeed from within the pages of Little Women.

The set, so brilliantly designed, made me feel as if there were rooms beyond its parameters, and that the door did indeed lead to the outside. The garret, towering above the stage with its winding staircase, truly compelled me to eavesdrop on Jo as she composed her stories.

The plush furniture, resting stylishly on stage, certainly fit in with the style of the late 1860s, as did the handsome costumes, which were selected for each character with obvious regard for his or her personality.

The lighting was carefully thought out in order to depict the emotion in each scene, and the music beautifully blended in with the era and the mood found within the pages of the script.

I could go on and on, but I need to say now that the captain of this ship, director Lisa Kerr, skillfully enabled Louisa May Alcott's book to come alive for the audiences this past weekend. Under her direction, each actor rose to professional status, and because of her energy, creativity, and passion for theatre, the Jamestown Community Theatre can be proud of a job expertly done.

Thank you to every individual who was associated with Little Women. From the parents of cast members who made and sold the food at intermission, ran the lights, and chaperoned the kids, to the outlets who sold tickets, to the talented cast and crew, to the musicians who unobtrusively enriched the performance, to the tire- less producers and production staff, and to any individual who was connected with this production, I, and many others, applaud you for your efforts and for the ensuing success that all of you created together.

Teams come in all shapes and forms; how wonderful to see a team made up of different generations who create magic together.

I congratulate you! What an extraordinary group of volunteers you are! Mary S. Wright Jamestown

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