2009-05-28 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

Scoutmaster Jim Archibald said that the Troop 1's annual Pasta Supper on the 16th was "by far the most successful dinner." With some proceeds and debts still outstanding, the troop took in just over $5,900. The figure includes $825 of donations from island businesses, about $1,000 from the Italian auction and some $330 in ticket sales at the door. The remainder of the $3,750 was from scout ticket sales and $1,800 will be applied to the scout accounts.

There were $600 in receipts for food, bread, postage and incidentals resulting in some $3,500 going into the troop account. The final balance sheet will be available shortly.

The scouts of Troop 1 would like to thank the following organizations, businesses and individuals for their generous contributions to the supper: Island Rubbish, Mc- Quade's Market, Dutra Farm, Rotary, Jamestown Designs, Cindy Waterman, Anchor Bend Glassworks, Aztecs Inc., Stephen Devoe, Greg DiGasper, Evan Corp., John Flinton C.F.P., Livingston Marine, East Ferry Market, R.A.M. Co., Kathryn Jamieson Salon, Anita Haircut, Baretta Realty, Jamestown Oyster Bar, Newport Orthodontists, Jamestown Boatyard, Conanicut Marine Services and Jamestown Hardware.

Also, Island Realty, Nickerson Tree and Landscaping, Bill Del Nero Cleaning, Trattoria Simpatico, Janney & Associates Ltd., Stearns Farms, House of Pizza, Normand Law, Jerry and Tina McIntyre, J.C. Rembijas and Sons, North Kingstown Wal Mart, Urban Flowers L.L.C., Seaside Family Cruises, Grapes & Gourmet and Central Garage.

Kudos to all.

*** Don Barry e-mailed that John Brazil's shoe store was on Narragansett Avenue. "I think it was next to John Molls Garage or a few doors west of that."


Don also knows that Bill Cosby was the co-star on "I Spy" as did Peter C. Pemantell, Pat Dunn who reads the Press on the internet from Florida "as I fondly remember our family's years in Jamestown" and Jeff McDonough, who noted that "Cosby went on to stand-up comedy fame and star in four different television series, one of which was a cartoon for kids."


Peter writes regarding the Grain Store, "Ask Dick Rembijas if he remembers who used to load the bags on the vehicles and also dug graves by hand."


Linda Albaugh writes that John Brazil's shoe store was on Narragansett Avenue where Century 21 is now. And, in a challenge to Peter, asks, where was Pinto's store before it was at 19 Narragansett Ave. where the Chemical Company is now?


A belated happy birthday to North Kingstown's Kay Cutting who was 80 on the 20th.


"Hungry" in the Weight Watchers TV commercials should have his own show.


Kudos to 7-year-old Ethan Roach who boated a 36-inch striper off Brenton Reef last week.

*** Phyllis Anderson of Wilmington, Ohio, writes that she is planning her summer visit to Jamestown

around the July 25 Carr and Clarke schools' reunion at Ft. Getty. "I wonder if my class of 1938 will be the oldest there as I know there aren't very many of us living. I'm looking forward to some real clam chowder."

Phyllis tells of the consequences of teenage cheek to cheek dancing. "Back when I was in my early teens there used to be a Saturday night dance at the Grange Hall which was near my house and where I spent some time. One night, all of a sudden in came a bunch - and I mean a bunch - of soldiers. They were from Fort Getty - the 243rd Coastal Artillery! Later there was a committee formed to build a USO on the island.

My dad, who was not on the committee, heard that my name was brought up as dancing with a soldier cheek to cheek. I should add here that so were the rest of the girls - it was the way to dance. My dad informed me that he would not permit me to attend the dances at the USO until one of my cousins happened to be stationed near by. Since I only had three male cousins of an old enough age that was impossible so he thought I would be okay.

That summer, 1942, I graduated from Rogers High School at the age of 16. I applied at three different places for work and was accepted at all three. I took a job with the ferry company cause it was every other day so I could still have beach time on the off days. I was on the Newport side and one Saturday afternoon six or seven sailors walked into the terminal. Oh joy, one was my cousin Earle who I didn't know was stationed at the Newport training base. Of course, I invited him to supper - I knew my mother wouldn't care.

My dad was a little surprised but fair is fair. We walked down to the USO, he went his way and I went my way. This went on for the whole summer, and I was one happy gal."

Here is a query from Phyllis: "Does anyone know who taught the 5th and 6th grades when Mr. Miller took over the superintendent's job when we left the island in 1943. I know that Mr. Roberts left soon after Mr. Miller took over. I think he went to Middletown so there must have been all new teachers except for Miss Lewis."

*** Be true!


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