2009-05-28 / About Town

Jamestown will host open water rowing and paddling race

Hundreds of the world's best open water rowers and paddlers will descend on Mackerel Cover on Aug. 29 to begin a grueling self-propelled race around the island. The racers will complete a difficult 15 1/2- mile counter revolution around the island ending at Fort Getty.

This is a new event for Jamestown, but it promises to attract many big names in rowing as it will also be the site of this year's prestigious North American Open Water Rowing Championship.

"Jamestown welcomed us with open arms. The course is incredible, one of the best in North America for what we need." said Dan Gorriaran, of the Narragansett Boat Club in Providence, one of the race organizers.

Spectators are invited, and can see the mass start at Mackerel Cove at 9 a.m, or view the race from Fort Weatherill or downtown Jamestown (East Ferry town beach). The best vantage point for the finish will be Fort Getty.

"The foremost concern for the race organizers is safety, and the Town of Jamestown has pulled out all the stops to make this a first class event that protects the safety of participants," said Gorriaran.

For more information on the race or sponsorship opportunities, visit www.jamestowncounterrevolution. com. For more information on open water rowing, visit www.openwaterracing.com.

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