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The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

With only four weeks to go before the big blast, the Rocket 'hogs are out Saturday mornings in front of the Jamestown Hardware reminding residents to send in their donations and selling Don Bousquetdesigned 'hogs hats and T-shirts. The new design was unveiled at the Memorial Day parade. They can also be purchased from Ben at Ben Thomas Gallery or Scott Sherman at Jamestown Hardware.

Kudos to Serena Beretta of Walcott Avenue for her donation last week.

Regarding the location of this year's shoot, head 'hog Gregg Charest reports, "The people of Jamestown voted, and 70 percent of those who voted chose to have this year's show at Mackerel Cove."

Greg called Telstar to finalize this, and requested a show that was very different from last year's. "They were happy to tell me that we would use a mixture of American made fireworks on July 5. They tell me that these are more like vintage fireworks than any thing else, and that they will include a mixture of 3-, 5-, 6-, and 8-inch shells this year. You may remember that we were not able to get 8-inch shells last summer because of some badly timed explosions at the fireworks factories in China. The Olympics may have had something to do with this, too!" he said.

On the topic of 'hogs personel, Gregg assured us that the future of the fireworks would continue with the addition of two little necks to the Rocket 'hog family over the Memorial Day weekend. Jack Spencer Charest was born to Gregg and his wife Elizabeth on Saturday, May 23, and Aiden Kane Bailey was born to Rocket 'hog Bob Bailey and his wife Julia on Monday, May 25. "Both healthy, both ready to help things explode," said Gregg.

If you want your money to be blown up on July 5, send your check to: Rocket 'hogs, P.O. Box 1776, Jamestown, 02835. The Independence Day Fireworks display is put on each year with islanders' donations only. There is no tax money involved.



Patty Vandal writes that Pinto's Store was on the corner of Green Lane and Narragansett Avenue. "It was right at the edge of the sidewalk on the eastern corner of what is now the parking lot for Bank of America. I lived in the house directly behind the bank and I was allowed to walk to the store every day to buy penny candy," she said.

"In answer to Phyllis Anderson's questions about who taught at the Clarke School after my father (Mr. Miller) became superintendent, the 5th grade had several teachers that year but the one who finally took the class permanently was Hannah Caswell. Hannah was the first married teacher to teach in Jamestown. She was quickly joined by another "Mrs.", Louise Von Schade who taught grade 6. Until World War II, married women were not allowed to teach. Miss Lewis was in 7th and Margarite Murphy was in the 8th grade. Miss Lewis taught 7th and 8th-grade English and Mrs Murphy taught 7th and 8th-grade math. Alice Gladding taught home economics and Bill Glen taught manual training."

John Wright e-mailed that the original location for John Brazil's shoe store was in the northeast corner of the same building that houses the Narragansett Cafe. "It was next to the alley between Lyons Market."

John also provided the names of the 1943 teachers at the Thomas H. Clarke School. According to John, Miss Lewis' first name was Clara. "Phyllis Anderson (nee Phyllis Bradley) may remember me as a friend of her brother, Jonathan. I lived on North Main Road, across from the cemetery. Also, we live fairly close to each other in Ohio, she in Wilmington and I in Fairborn. Luck to all the fine Jamestowners, past and present."

Peter C. Pemantell wrote that John Brazil's shoe store was on Narragansett Avenue and the shop next door was a gift shop owned by Sid Crawford and run by his wife. "In that same block was the office for the Jamestown Bridge I think." In a note, Linda Albaugh said the shop next to John Brazil's was either the Seahorse run by Sydney Crawford or the Jamestown Bridge Authority.

In an aside to Linda, Peter said he thinks Pinto's Market was on the corner of Green Lane and Narragansett Avenue next to Mrs. Leonard's 5 and 10 cent store. "If it were there now it would be in the parking lot of the Bank of America. Originally Santos Market was on Southwest Avenue just beyond Archie Clarke's property on the same side of the road and when Pinto's moved out they moved to that location. Pinto's was a unique store, the two brothers would go shopping at the Big G in North Kingstown and cut the prices off of the boxes and resell them in their store. They had the best penny candy display in town and believe it or not it cost only a penny."


Peter asks, who was Doctor Ceppi's nurse?


By the time the state completes athe new seawall construction on that small portion of Conanicus Avenue it won't be new anymore.


Islander Priscilla Szneke, a yoga teacher at Innerlight Center of Yoga and Meditation in Middletown, has returned from an intensive program on Mindfulness at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California.

*** Who was Lanny Ross?

*** Walk and save lives Sunday in the Potter League for Animals' 20th annual Heart & Sole Walk for the Animals beginning at 10:30 a.m. at Glen Park in Portsmouth. If you can't make the walk, sponsor a walker of make a donation. Questions? Call 846-0592, ext. 125. Feline friends are urged to enter their cats in the Feline Furrtography Contest.


Saturday marks the day the troops landed on the beaches of Normandy in 1944.

The full moon on Sunday is the Rose Moon, Flower Moon and Strawberry Moon.

*** Be true!


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