2009-06-04 / Editorial

Need help around the homestead? Hire a teenager!

Starting this week islanders who need an extra hand with that odd job will be able to hire an able and willing Jamestown teenager.

The program is called the 2009 Summer Teen Jobs Corps and is sponsored by the Jamestown Teen Center. The concept is simple: put kids to work helping people who need some assistance.

If you'd like to hire an island teenager for that odd job at your home or business, you'll first need to complete an application available at the Teen Center. Or you can call and a Teen Center person will help you over the phone.

A Teen Center staff member will help match the right teenager with the right job. They'll be available to answer questions and will followup to make sure the job is done right.

Teens can help with a lot of stuff: lawn mowing, raking, gardening, cleaning out the garage or walking the dog. Sorry, no babysitting will be permitted. If you have questions, call the Teen Center.

Any teens who are interested in working this summer should march right on down to the Teen Center and put their names on the job list.

— Jeff McDonough

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