2009-06-04 / Letters to the Editor

Make your payment for the Carr/Clarke school reunion

Final plans are being made for the Carr/Clarke School Reunion being held at noon on July 25 at the Rembijas Pavilion at Ft. Getty.

Over 270 "alumni" have shown interest in attending and to date 152 have paid the necessary fees.

If you are planning to attend, you must send me a check made out to the Carr/Clarke School Reunion by June 25, as I must give a final count to the caterer by that date. However, if you were not one of the 270 who had previously contacted me, it is now too late to sign up. Sorry, but just no more room.

Any questions, please call me at 423-1294 or email me at mandojim@ cox.net.

Thanks and pray for a sunny day. Jim Pemantell Jamestown

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