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Proposed subdivision gets support from Planning Commission

By Tyler Will

Jamestown Planning Commission members unanimously expressed support for a subdivision on a Clinton Avenue property because the applicant is attempting to comply with town ordinances, preserve trees and care for the environment. The preliminary review of the subdivision was held at the June 3 meeting.

“I think we have preserved a lot more than most others would,” applicant Nikki Andrews told the commission.

The property on the corner of Clinton Avenue and High Street. It is about 15,000 square feet with a single-family home that is two houses joined together. Andrews applied to subdivide the property into three lots and remove the older of the two homes, which she said is in disrepair.

The required frontage has been met for each subdivision, in addition to the minimum square footage and building setback. No dimensional relief is needed.

Andrews said some of the reason for the unusual compliance was her family’s history in the area.

“We live here, we want it to be nice, so there is no reason to go and fight what’s ahead of us,” she said after the meeting. In the proposal profit was forgone for preservation, Andrews said.

Andrews is an environmental planner based in West Kingston, and admitted after the meeting that part of her job is accommodating the environment.

Andrews could have legally created five lots, but that would have required destroying the existing home, which she said she did not want to do. The current application also preserves a few old trees.

After the meeting Planning Commission Chairman Gary Girard said one of three is about 4 feet wide. It also does not increase water flow volume off-site. Andrews made sure they would have access to water and sewer lines.

“It is always much more benefi- cial to the applicant and the commission if someone comes well prepared,” Girard said after the meeting.

But Andrews said that in addition to the house that is in disrepair, two sheds on the property will also be removed because of disrepair. One tree has been inspected, Andrews said, and determined to have a disease and will need to be removed.

“We purposely had it checked to make sure it was diseased,” she told the commission.

Commissioner Nancy Bennett asked Andrews to get a second opinion on the tree. Andrews said she had no problem doing that.

The application also calls for two driveways, one on Clinton Avenue and one on High Street. Andrews said the second driveway is necessary to avoid as many trees as possible.

Commission members told Andrews they expect to see elevation in the final plan, but expressed support for the plan as it stands. In addition to elevation, Andrews will also have to get town approval on the architecture of any buildings that will be built, to make sure it fits in with the neighborhood, according to the commission.

“It seems like a fine idea, it seems like a fine design,” commissioner Richard Ventrone said. “I have no objection with any of it.”

Two public hearings were scheduled. A hearing was cancelled on building a public road on a north end property The other, from V.P. Enterprises LLC, was moved to the next Planning Commission meeting on Wednesday, June 17.

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