2009-06-11 / Letters to the Editor

More young adults should be interested in FTM

Walking into my first fi- nancial town meeting last Monday night, it was quite intimidating.

I was the youngest person in the room, and probably one of the only ones who did not find the opening instructions a refresher.

As time went on and I got a better understanding of how things worked, it got much easier to follow along. I even got up and spoke, something I hadn’t planned on, for once.

What I had hoped to see, and was disappointed not to, were my classmates. Perhaps they were busy, confused by all the numbers and procedures, or maybe felt they were not affected by this.

I understand being busy, unsure, but please realize, this affects you, too. Math may not be your strong suit (it’s not mine either), but all these numbers add up to two things; how much you (or your parents) will pay in taxes, and where those tax dollars end up.

Call me a nerd, but this means something to me. Especially in these tough times, as federal aid shrinks, and strained taxpayers refuse to pay more, something has got to give.

That may mean being sent to a different high school, having programs and services cut, or mom and dad having less to fund your graduation gifts with. Maybe that’s when it will catch your attention.

Register to vote, read the flyer on the budget, and get to the meeting. I do not doubt the ability of our town council, school committee or citizens to make decisions, but would like to see a greater input from all sides. Your opinion matters as much as theirs, and there are things you can bring to the table that will help make the budget, and the town more well rounded and better able to serve everyone’s needs.

I hope to see more of you next year.
Jessica Burrows

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