2009-06-18 / News

Police urge residents to lock their doors after recent round of break-ins

Jamestown police are encouraging island residents to lock their house and car doors after a recent round of break-ins on the north end of the island.

Several residents have reported suspicious activities and break-ins between 2 and 3 a.m. GPS systems, iPods, cell phones and radios have been among the items reported stolen from vehicles.

“We don’t want people to hesitate to call us if they see something suspicious,” Officer Scott Sullivan said. “If you see someone out in a neighborhood at 2 a.m., they probably should not be there.”

Although Jamestown is safe, police said, locking doors and not leaving an easy target for thieves is always good protocol.

Leaving an outside light on and not leaving valuable items in a vehicle or in plain sight are also good practices.

To report any suspicious activity or information about the recent break-ins, call the Jamestown Police Department at 423-1212.

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