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Read the log of Rubicon’s transAtlantic voyage

Michael de Angeli of Jamestown recently sailed across the Atlantic. He kept a personal log of the voyage. His log is quite interesting and includes his observations and commentary.

Here’s the start of his log:

“In March 2009, I was asked by Peter Bourke to help him and Bill Biewenga deliver Peter’s Outbound 44 Rubicon from Newport to Plymouth, England, so that Peter could compete in the OSTAR (for Observer’s Single-handed Transatlantic Race), that is, sail her back to Newport alone.

“The OSTAR is famous among sailors as one of the toughest ocean races; it is typically upwind the entire distance, and one has either to take a northern route and likely encounter ice and fog, or go south and fight the Gulf Stream.

“The trip was expected to take about 25 days, and the route planned was to leave Newport and go generally SE across the Gulf Stream, then to go east at about 39 degrees N latitude; this would take us within about 150 miles of the Azores, to provide a stopping point if needed.”

De Angeli shared his log with friends via e-mail during his trip. The Rubicon encountered a variety of weather and just about ran out of fresh drinking water, forcing the crew to stop in the Azores to resupply.

The log is about 16,000 words long and would take seven full pages to publish in the print issue of the Jamestown Press. So, we are putting de Angeli’s personal log and many of his pictures online at www.JamestownPress.com.


— Jeff McDonough

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