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Lawn school awards student achievement at end of year event

The Lawn Avenue School presented awards to students in grades 5 to 8 at a ceremony on June 23. The winners were:

Grade 8 Good Citizens awards went to: Rebecca Barchus, Devin Bridgman, Amina Brown, Rachel Bryer, Alexander Burke, Hali Chesher, Fiona Christie, Meredith Cote, Shannah Crowell, James D’Alessandro, Nicholas Delmonico, Olivia DiMauro, Connor Downing, Jalyn Doyle, Colin Enos, Sydney Fry, Owen Heath, Daniel Irwin, Graham Jamison, Kaleigh Kershaw, Nathan Lambert, Tally Larkin, Cara Liberati, Andrew MacIntyre, Cassidy Maguire, Andrew McCarthy, Kevin McDermott, Olivia McGowan, Katherine Normand, Sophia Perrotti, Matthew Rafanelli, John Ragland, Alexis Richardson, Nicholas Rienzo, Elliott Roberts, Victoria Rosa, Kathrine Rosener, Molly Sheekey, Adam Southworth, Sean Stanford, Eric Stroud, Molly Sylvia, Julia Thompson, Michael Tomlinson, Jack Tregenza, Olivia Wilcox and Tyler Woodward.

The Americanism Award: Molly Sylvia and Graham Jamison; The Founder’s Award: Molly Sheekey and Matthew Rafanelli; The Overall Excellence in English Award: Talley Larkin and Andrew McCarthy; The Excellence in Science Award: Julia Thompson and Nathan Lambert; The Excellence in Mathematics Award: Katherine Normand and John Ragland. The Excellence in Foreign Languages Award: Amina Brown and Nathan Lambert. The Excellence in Social Studies Award: Nathan Lambert and Andrew McCarthy; The Jr. American Citizenship Award: Rebecca Barchus and Brian Page; Ida Richard’s Warrior Heart: Sophia Perrotti and Kevin McDermott; The Principal’s Award: Hali Chesher and Eric Stroud; The Mary Stearns McGaughan Compassion towards Animals Award: 1st Place, Talley Larkin, 2nd Place, James Chamberlain, 3rd Place, Vaughn Gooding, Honorable Mentions, Rebecca Barchus and Molly Sylvia.

The Technology Award: Grade 7, Sarah Hodosh, Grade 8, James D’Alessandro. The Excellence in Fine Arts/Marc Frade Award: Rachel Bryer and Alexa Geib; The Rhode Island Art Educators Association Awards: Grade 5, Jamie Gillette and Catherine Caswell; Grade 6, Milo DiGasper and Zachary Neronha, Grade 7, Erica Croft, Oksana Shein and Raeshelle DeValerio, Grade 8, Nathan Lambert, Adam Southworth and Alexa Geib. The Conanicut Island Art Association award: Grade 5, Shane Foley; Grade 6, Emily Brewer, Grade 7, Carson Toppa and in grade 8, Kathrine Rosener. The International Peace Poster Awards: 1st Place, Tori Dickensheet, 2nd Place, James Lowell, 3rd Place, Nellie Tamboe; Honorable Mentions, Travis Willis,

Brad Miller, Libby LaMantia, Macie Land, Logan Skinner, Finn Dwyer, Emily Richard, Emily Kallfelz, Hayley Carlisle and Milo DiGasper.

The Matt Allen Memorial Visual Art Award: Sydney Pazera. Grade 5 Mathematics League Certificate: 1st Place, Noah Simmons, 2nd Place, Lily Wright, 3rd Place, Emily Schott, 4th Place, Joshua Masterson and Joshua Robinson. The Velma Moore Memorial Award: Hollister Bobola. Perfect Attendance for the Year: Grade 5, Marcel Desvaux , Catherine Caswell and Amanda Nolan; Grade 6, Finn Dwyer; Grade 7, Roma Patel, Benjamin Lee and Jameson Mielde; Grade 8, Matthew Rafanelli, Andrew MacIntyre and Rebecca Barchus. The Friends of the Philomenian Library Award: Molly Sylvia and Drew MacIntyre. The Jamestown Educational Support Personnel Award: Devin Bridgman; The Band Achievement Award: Talley Larkin, Nathan Lambert and Jack Tregenza; The Chorus Achievement Award: Olivia McGowan; The Excellence in Solo Vocalist Award: Sophia Perrotti. The Band Director’s Award: Nicholas Delmonico and Meredith Cote. The Louis Armstrong Jazz Band Award: John Ragland. The Music Department Spirit Award: Molly Sylvia and Shannah Crowell. The Best All Around Musician Award: Aimee Andrade; The Physical Education/Good Sportsmanship Award: Amina Brown and Alexander Burke. The Ali Dunn-Packer Memorial Scholarship Award: Cara Liberati and Owen Heath; The Renaissance Man Award: Fiona Christie and Elliot Roberts; The Highest Academic Achievement Award: Talley Larkin and Nathan Lambert.

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