2009-07-16 / Letters to the Editor

Let Shoreby Hill residents decide

Our town wants to use taxpayer dollars to see if homes in Shoreby Hill might be historic enough to receive tax credits and other incentives. The Town Council voted to ask a state commission to spend $18,350 to hire a consultant, whose mission will be to catalogue houses in Shoreby as a first step for historic district designation.

Yet, according to the council, not all residents are sure an historic district is desirable for them. First, why not determine if a majority favors it? Then, if the people truly want to be transformed, let them pay for the consultant, as they will be the beneficiaries of the tax credits.

Since Rhode Island is technically bankrupt (acknowledge the true liabilities of the pension system), our council should have some compassion for all, including the taxpayers, and withdraw the $18,350 application.
Nicholas Schaus

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