2009-07-30 / Editorial

Summer’s best is yet to come!


We bid good-bye to July while some islanders wonder if Mother Nature is going to cooperate this season. There have been enough days of rain and fog to put this year in the record books.

Despite the weather, Jamestown appears to be busy. The hustle and bustle in the village — the hallmark of our summer — is here at last. Parking spaces can be tough to find, even on week nights. That’s really good news for the island businesses that rely on the summer traffic to keep their doors open year round.

Folks are lined up to buy ice cream and there are passengers waiting to ride the ferry to Rose Island and Newport. There’s a crowd at the hot dog stand. The beach at Mackerel Cove is packed with swimmers and sun-worshipers hoping for a few rays between the whisps of fog.

August rolls in this weekend and brings with it the best part of our island summer. There are plenty of island events on the calendar like the popular Fools’ Rules Regatta and the Chamber of Commerce “Night at the Fort: Dig It” dinnerdance.

If you are looking for a place to kick back and relax, Jamestown is the spot for you.

Sailors love Jamestown. Those who like to compete can find a race on Narragansett Bay just about any night of the week. The island is a popular destination for cruisers. We are surrounded by water and we’re all about boats.

Then there’s the fishing. You can angle from the shore or a boat. There’s always something to catch. The stripers and blues will keep you busy.

Ride your bicycle, walk around the lighthouse at Beavertail, visit the historical museum and windmill. Or, grab a good book and find a hammock under a shady tree.

Ever the optimist, let’s keep our fingers crossed that we’ll see blue skies ahead.

— Jeff McDonough

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