2009-07-30 / Letters to the Editor

Historic district needs more resident approval

Your detailed article on the planning meeting about a Shoreby Hill historic district last week failed to mention that Dr. Richard Greenwood said the state recommends a 75 percent residents’ approval on the idea of a historic district. At a meeting specially convened by the residents last year, the vote was 17 to 11 in favor of pursuing the notion of a district and the number of votes (houses, plus land) is over 40 for lower Shoreby Hill.

In summary, the historic district idea is going forward to the council with less than 75 percent resident approval.

Also unreported in your article was a Shoreby Hill resident’s comments about a preference for the neighborhood to make its own decisions without involving the residents’ association in outside commissions, committees and other regulations.
Elle Burgess
Shoreby Hill resident

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