2009-08-13 / About Town

Volunteers needed for town boards and committees

The town of Jamestown is seeking applicants to fill vacancies on several boards and committees.

There are five vacancies on the newly established Recycling Committee. This committee is charged with reviewing current residential solid waste collection disposal policies and practices and identifying strategies employed by other local governments to achieve high community recycling rates. The committee will present recommendations to the Town Council regarding new ordinances and/or amendments, fee schedules, financing options and public education approaches. The town administrator and public works director will be voting members on this committee.

One vacancy for a citizen-at-large exists on the Jamestown Fire Department Compensation Committee, for a term ending May 31, 2012. The committee makes annual recommendations to the tax assessor regarding members’ eligibility for tax exemptions.

One vacancy for an alternate member currently exists on the Jamestown Tax Assessment Board of Review, for a term ending May 31, 2012. This board hears and considers the appeal of any property owner concerning the amount of assessed valuation as determined by the assessor. The board keeps accurate records of its proceedings that are available for public inspection.

One member vacancy exists on the Jamestown Affordable Housing Committee, for a term ending May 31, 2010. This committee acts in an advisory capacity to the Town Council on issues related to housing. Members sit as a review committee for proposed housing trust fund projects, and conduct studies and analyses of the current housing conditions in Jamestown, to be used as part of the comprehensive plan.

Any resident who is a qualified elector and is interested in serving should submit an application by Sept. 4, 2009, to the town clerk. Applications are available at www.jamestownri.net or at the town clerk’s office at 93 Narragansett Ave. Persons who have submitted applications in the past are encouraged to re-apply. The town of Jamestown has adopted an affirmative action policy and will make appointments consistent with that policy.

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