2009-08-13 / Editorial

Volunteers are needed to serve


We often talk about the importance of volunteers to the fabric of our Jamestown community.

Our good island life relies heavily on those people who give of their time in the many local civic and church organizations, and on the town’s numerous boards, committees and commissions – not to mention the fire department and the emergency medical response team.

Without these folks . . . well, things just wouldn’t get done and Jamestown wouldn’t be the same.

Those who serve in elected local offices are also volunteers. That includes the people who serve on the Town Council and the School Committee, although they do receive a small monetary stipend. These neighbors dedicate a large amount of their time and energy to keeping our town and schools operating at peak efficiency.

There is some question this year as to whether our local political parties will be able to field full slates of candidates for the fall election. Should that happen, voters would have minimal choice when it comes to choosing people to sit on the Town Council and School Committee.

That’s not a good thing because elections are all about debate – a healthy exchange of opinions about our local issues and how best to manage our town and schools. The direct result of that debate – and the choices made during the election – is the impact we see on our local property taxes.

The local election is really a public forum, one that hopefully is a sane and respectful discussion.

So, we’re calling on islanders to volunteer to stand for election. Run for office as a Republican, as a Democrat or as an Independent.

Make the commitment to your community. Share your talents and your wisdom with your neighbors. Become a candidate for public office in Jamestown.

— Jeff McDonough

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