2009-08-27 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks to all for 420 regatta help

On behalf of the Conanicut and Jamestown Yacht Clubs, we would like to thank all the following for ensuring the success of the recent Club 420 National Championship held at Ft. Getty.

In addition to our major sponsors, Laser Performance, Conanicut Marine Services, Sturgis Boat Works and the Dinghy Locker, there were many people and businesses that made this huge endeavor possible. Peter Gerard and Patti Sheehan, who volunteered as PRO and scorer respectively, Carol Nelson-Lee for designing our logo, Bill Geib for helping us set up a floating dock and allowing us to use his boat as a loading platform, Tony Pinheiro for giving up his slip so we’d have more space for coach boats, Challenge Electronics for loaning us private band radios, Annapolis Performance Sailing, North Sails and Miami Opti Moms for donating prizes, Rob Packer for sharing his Ali’s Run event management techniques and all his wooden stakes, and the Eichlers at Dutch Harbor Boat Yard for providing a water launch and solutions to last-minute problems.

This event took months to prepare for and would not have been possible without the enthusiastic support of the town and its merchants. In particular, Bruce Keiser, Bill Piva, Mike Gray and Sam Patterson, who in turn seemed to have the ardent support of their staff throughout the process. Bill and May Munger, who went beyond their roles as sponsors, provided us with many extra services, John Recca from the Narragansett Café for providing video footage of the event, Niagara Pool Filling for providing wash down water, and members of Boy Scout Troop 1, under the direction of Jim Archibald and Eagle Scout Jimmy Perry, for manning the parking field. We would also like to thank Eileen Muldoon.

In addition to all of the above, it is often the individual volunteers who give up hours and days of their time making the largest contributions for the least recognition. For this event, we called upon our friends, family and community members and most said yes without knowing what they were getting themselves into. They all performed their tasks graciously and efficiently, even when given the less glamorous roles of parking and cleanup. The coordinators of these legions of volunteers worked tirelessly to make the event run smoothly and without their organization and management skills, we would have never been able to pull this off. Thanks to Tom Harris and his army of landside volunteers, Priscilla Szneke and all the folks who worked on the water and loaned us their boats, and Sheila Nixon and the administration team who handled the registration and paperwork for 150 teams.

And lastly, we’d like to thank the Ft. Getty summer residents and boaters for putting up with us for several days and sharing their beautiful spot with so many teenagers and their parents.
Samira Hakki and Nancy Lush
Regatta co-chairs

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