2009-08-27 / News


Jamestown sisters to compete in local pageant

Olivia and Felicia Faria of Jamestown have been selected to participate in the Nationals’ 2009 Miss Junior Teen pageant competition in Providence.

Felicia will compete in the Miss Junior Teen division, while Olivia will compete in the Miss Pre-Teen division.

The competition includes modeling routines and interviewing skills.

Jamestown students named to URI dean’s list

The following Jamestown students have been named to the dean’s list at the University of Rhode Island for the spring 2009 semester: Caroline Anderson, Andres Aveledo, Carolina Breakell, Stephanie Brown, Bethany Clarke, Donald Dauphinee, Elise Desalvo, Nicholas DiGiando, Adam Diluglio, Russell Dunn and David Frank.

Also named were Andrew Hamm, Christopher Hart, Emily Holland, Jennifer Regan, Amy Ritter, Victoria Ryng, Tianna Scartabello, Molly Welsh, Rebekah Wigton and Nathan Wigton.

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