2009-09-03 / Editorial

Farewell to the summer that wasn’t


The Labor Day weekend typically marks the end of summer. Vacation is over, and it’s time for the kids to go back to school and the adults to go back to work.

But this year many of us are asking each other, “What happened to summer?”

Summer is our season of playtime.

If you’ll recall, spring was cold and wet. The season gradually morphed into a cold and wet summer. To be fair to Mother Nature, the latter part of July and most of August brought some good old-fashioned summer weather. We had our share of the hot and humid.

So Labor Day is here. Already, we’ve seen a subtle change in the weather. There are a few more parking spaces available in the village. Fall is the best time of year in Jamestown.

Don’t miss the big events this weekend: the Museum of Yachting holds its Classic Yacht Regatta. The Conanicut Yacht Club hosts its round the island race, considered to be the oldest continuous yachting event on Narragansett Bay. The Seaside Family Cruise, for those who love cars, will be held at Ft. Getty on Sunday.

Labor Day was conceived as a celebration of the working classes, back when the working classes were fighting for fair wages and rights in the workplace. For the most part, those battles are behind us. After 100 years, Labor Day has simply become the holiday gateway from one season to the next.

Fire up the grill. Have a great weekend!

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