2009-09-03 / Letters to the Editor

Get facts straight on historic districts

The letter in the Aug. 20 Jamestown Press from the Shoreby Hill Historic District Study Committee stated, “The Shoreby Hill historic district proposal has been unanimously approved by the Planning Commission.” In fact, the Planning Commission, per the minutes of its July 15th meeting, voted to “recommend to the Town Council approval of the Lower Shoreby Hill Historic District.”

Shoreby Hill may be seen as one entity by the rest of Jamestown but in fact it is two different areas governed by different sets of by-laws.

In Upper Shoreby Hill, 24 of the lot owners have signed a petition opposing the establishment of an historic district. With 44 lot owners, that equals 54 percent opposed.

Lower Shoreby called a special meeting of their residents in October 2008 to vote on the proposal to establish an historic district. The results of that vote were 19 in favor, 11 opposed. They also have 44 lot owners, which means that they have 44 percent in favor.

The Rhode Island Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission recommends that at least 75 percent of the residents of an area should be in favor in order to establish an historic district.
Barbara and Bill Ritter

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