2009-09-03 / Letters to the Editor

Town employees go above and beyond

Thank you for the recent great picture of our DPW at work on Watson Avenue. However, in this particular case, the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” does need a little more explaining.

On July 27, I left Town Hall at about 4:45 p.m. and I noticed Town Engineer Mike Gray’s personal truck was still parked on the street behind Town Hall. Knowing that Mike still had a little bit of a drive home and it was a rare warm evening for this summer, I called him on his cell phone and asked him what he was still doing hanging around on such a beautiful night.

Mike answered and told me he was out on Watson Avenue. Watson Avenue is on the way home so I thought I would stop to see him. I thought he was out there to look at the curbs and sidewalks project that the town was having installed. What I found when I arrived was that Public Works Director Steve Goslee, Mike Gray and about eight other men from both the Public Works Department and the Water Department were busy repairing water lines and putting in a drainage system in order to solve a serious flooding problem for residents in the area.

The crew from both departments were in the trench up to their knees in mud and water, or they were operating trucks, the backhoe or moving dirt with their shovels, each and every one of them was covered with sweat and I don’t think you could find one square inch on their clothes that didn’t have dirt and mud on it. I watched for over an hour as they literally broke their knuckles and their backs, pulling and connecting water lines.

I don’t think this was a unique situation. Anybody that goes into Town Hall will usually find the staff there busy doing the job they get paid for. We are fortunate that the very vast majority of town employees not only do their job, but when asked like the Public Works Department and the Water Department on that hot summer Wednesday night, will go the extra mile to get the job done.
Bill Kelly
Jamestown Town Council

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