2009-09-10 / Editorial

Jamestown benefits from students’ efforts


Kudos to the Providence College freshmen who came to Jamestown this past Saturday and volunteered their time on a number of worthwhile island projects.

One hundred and eighty-eight eager students pitched in and helped where it counted. Many colleges and universities around the country are asking their incoming freshman classes to give something back to society. Volunteering is an important lesson for us all.

Here’s a run down on what these students accomplished last weekend:

• At the Jamestown Philomenian Library, the students weeded and edged the gardens.

• At the Jamestown Community Playground, the students weeded and painted. Looks much better, don’t you think?

• At Hull Cove, the students picked up litter and trash. They also trimmed brush, so that the walkways are now clear.

• At the Police Station, the students weeded and mulched.

• At the Lawn Avenue School, the students cleaned and painted the concession stand and storage building at the ball field. They are now blue instead of green.

• At the Jamestown holding area for stray pets, the students weeded, trimmed bushes and generally cleaned up the place.

• At Potter Cove, the students picked up litter along the beach, and also weeded and mulched around the parking lot.

In all, the students filled about 180 leaf bags with garbage and stuff that can be composted. It’s a big improvement and the island certainly has benefited from their efforts.

In addition to the students, about a dozen Jamestowners volunteered their time to supervise. It was a job well done by all involved.

There is still some painting and mulching to be done if you’d like to help. See the town ad on page 17 of this week’s Press.

— Jeff McDonough

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