2009-09-10 / Letters to the Editor

Saving the bay – all over again

I have just finished re-reading Mary McGaughan’s wonderful 1994 book, “Dismissed With Prejudice,” the epic battle against construction of an oil refinery in Jamestown.

It makes me wish that Bill Miner were still alive to lead the battle against Weaver Cove Energy as he did against Commerce Oil Refining Corp. (backed by Gulf), which after the defeat led to the creation of Save the Bay.

Why isn’t the entire state up in arms about this outrageous proposal to build a floating terminal in the middle of Mt. Hope Bay and to have huge supertankers moving up and down the east passage, causing the Newport-Pell Bridge and the Mt. Hope Bridge to be closed during the transit?

Why haven’t we heard from the Rhode Island Turnpike & Bridge Authority? The R.I. Department of Transportation? Think of the huge traffic jams when the bridges are closed. What about fire and rescue?

Why haven’t we heard from all of the affected yacht clubs: New York, Ida Lewis, Newport, Conanicut, Jamestown and Bristol?

How can any private corporation be allowed to do something that would cause bridges to be closed?

Where are our representatives on this? They are not making a lot of noise, while Weaver Cove Energy keeps pushing and pushing and pushing.

This could do unimagined harm to our enjoyment of this, the state’s most treasured asset.
Milton C. Bickford Jr.

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